The Whims of Fae Series
Running away to Faerie isn’t quite the fairytale Scarlett had hoped it would be.

After her mother’s suicide, Scarlett’s grief consumes her. So much so, she can’t even visit her grave. Escaping the mortal world seems the best option when Cade, a fae prince, lures her into Faerie by promising to take away her pain.

Cade seems the perfect answer to Scarlett’s problems. Gorgeous, mysterious, with a gift that keeps her numb. As things between them heat up, Scarlett must decide how far she’s willing to go to avoid her guilt and heartache. She’s captured the attention of Cade’s older brother, Raith, too, as the two brothers prepare to fight for the Right of Heir to the Summer Court crown.

As her boundaries are tested, will Scarlett lose herself in the world of magic, lust, and danger? Or will she find a way to cope with her sorrow and untangle herself from the two princes before they’ve devoured her completely?


The Whims of Witches Series

The fae aren’t the only ones with magic now…

Everything was normal in Eden Brooks’ life until two weeks ago, when in a moment of frustration, she threw a remote across the living room at her twin sister—with her mind. But that’s not all. Somehow, she can make water boil and start a fire without a match.

At first, Eden keeps her newfound abilities a secret. Until she meets Nox at the park near her house. He’s mysterious, witty, and not bad to look at. But more than that, he has magic of his own.

But as Eden gets to know him, she learns his powers aren’t the same as hers and that his motives aren’t as selfless as he pretends. When her dad sees the two of them together, he forbids her from seeing him ever again.

Soon, she learns truths about her parents she never thought possible, leading Eden to question everything she knows.

The Fae Hunter’s Daughter is the first book in Whims of Witches, a stand-alone series which takes places in the same world, after the events of the Whims of Fae series.


The Guardians of Elysium Series with Bekah Harris

An invisible war.
An inherited power.
The girl caught in between.

Ava knows her ex is keeping secrets.
When Ava’s boyfriend Darien dumps her out of the blue, her world is turned upside down. Breakups are normal, so why is she convinced there’s more to it than he’s telling her?

Darien’s life is going straight to hell.
After his grandfather’s death, all Darien’s feelings for his girlfriend Ava completely disappeared. But that’s not all. Now, he is plagued by terrifying visions of creatures with sharp claws and gnashing teeth. But when he feels an inexplicable connection to a new girl, he discovers a family secret that will change his life.

Ava is determined to learn the truth.
Desperate for distraction, she finds herself drawn to Finn, a mysterious stranger with an uncanny ability to keep her mind off her heartache. But is he keeping the most dangerous secret of all?




The Curse of the Veil Series
When the dead don’t rest, life is a curse

After the death of her twin sister, Bri is sent to Cabin Creek Falls summer camp for some time away before she starts her senior year. She feels out of place enough before she starts seeing people no one else can see. One is a seemingly normal teenage boy who claims he’s dead, the other a deranged woman who haunts Bri’s days and nights. Do ghosts actually exist or has grief caused Bri to lose her mind? Which is worse?


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