The Brielle Davis Series

The noises started the night Grace died. Bri hears things no one hears. Sees people no one sees. The question is, are they real or all in her head? When Bri gets caught coming home drunk after the death of her sister, her parents think some time away might be good for her. She’s forced to spend the entire summer before her senior year at Cabin Creek Falls—a camp full of spoiled, rich kids where she’ll surely be out of place.

Her plan is to make it through the summer minding her own business and staying out of trouble. But it doesn’t take long for her plan to fail. During the opening dinner, she slugs Carter—the camp’s Mr. Popular—after he plays a practical joke on her roommate, putting her on his radar, which doesn’t make Quinn—the camp’s diva—very happy.

To top it all off, Bri befriends a lonely teen boy no one else can see who swears he’s dead, and she’s haunted by a deranged woman that sends chills through her veins. Has Bri gone insane in her grief, or are the boy and woman actually real? Which is worse?

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It’s bad enough Bri can see ghosts. But one is her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, Quinn. Will Bri help Quinn find the peace she needs to move on? Or is there another way to get rid of Quinn for good? After spending the summer at Cabin Creek falls and learning she can see ghosts, Bri is hoping her life will go back to normal. No such luck. Not only can Bri still see ghosts, but they seem more attached to her than ever. Worst of all, one of them is Quinn, Bri’s nemesis from camp and Carter’s ex, who spent the whole summer trying her best to make Bri miserable.

Things are complicated enough with Bri and Carter’s relationship with Quinn as a ghost. But Jeremy, the guy Bri lost her virginity to before camp, has a secret that changes everything.

As more ghosts haunt Bri, she and everyone she loves are in danger. Will Bri figure out why she’s a ghost magnet and find a way to help Quinn move on? Or will the ghosts in her life ruin everything?

Book 3 Coming soon

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